What do you notice first about someone? Is it smile?

What do you notice first about someone?

The norm of care for most individuals is routine grooming and upkeep at a beauty salon or barbershop. Women frequently receive full color, manicures, brow waxing, and highlights. I don’t think twice about getting a trim and paint at the salon every six to eight weeks. The numerous frequent clients that regularly visit my salon keep me quite busy.


We are well-dressed benefits us both personally and professionally. It raises our self-esteem and confidence. When we look well, we like how we feel.

First impressions frequently endure. What do you initially notice?

Undoubtedly, one of the things we see is how someone is dressed. It can be a reflection of how they feel about themselves. By observing posture, we may tell if someone is confident or uneasy. When we observe cleanliness—or a lack thereof—we could infer self-disregard. What comes to mind when you see loose clothing? Possibly a dead person attempting to elude discovery? Our clothing communicates our feelings. A well-groomed person with an upright stance exudes a calm confidence. We know this and want to make a good impression on prospective employers while applying for a job. When you go on a first date, what do you focus on?

Your mind does the daily quick scan to take note of their attire, haircut, and smile. Based on that, everything may come to a crashing end. Even if a possible partner has a great personality, one could be put off by their ugly smile as they get to know them. What comes to mind when you observe a forgotten smile? I can’t help but notice the missing, cracked, yellow, rotting teeth. I can also tell when someone smiles more confidently.

Brightening your smile is a simple method to improve its appearance. I can’t tell you how often I’ve helped someone whiten their teeth to hear them exclaim, “OMG! My favorite. I wish I had carried out this action years ago. Whitening is an easy, affordable technique to dramatically improve your look with little effort and maintenance after the first expenditure. At Contemporary Family Dentistry, we make it simple for you to have and maintain the best-looking smile you’ve ever had. Most of the age-related staining and greying that occurs as we age can avoid or even reversed. Also, remember that NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED ME TO DARKEN THEIR TEETH.

What do you notice first about someone? Is it smile?

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