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A general dentist plays an essential role in overall systemic health since research has linked oral health with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

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Worthy Smiles is proud to offer comprehensive dental care for you and your family in Worth, IL, and the surrounding area.

Our dental clinic understands how busy you are. The last thing you want to do is run all over town to get everyone in your family treated with a beautiful smile. That is why we proudly offer appointments that accommodate your entire family. This way, you can save time and enjoy convenience.

If you have young children, you must start bringing them in at a young age. This teaches them the correct way to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. It will also teach your children to go to the dentist regularly. Healthy oral habits last a lifetime, and when children are taught these habits properly at a young age, it is much more likely that they will continue to practice the patterns for the rest of their lives. Our dental clinic is happy to work with your children and teach them these important healthy oral habits.

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Best General Dentist in Worth, IL

Why Should You See A General Dentist In Worth, IL

It is essential to see the dentist regularly, no matter your age. We strive to have a family-oriented environment so that you are happy to bring your entire family to our office to ensure their good dental health.

Our goal is to ensure you have a positive visit every time you walk through our doors. We know that going to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite activity, but we will make it as enjoyable for you as possible. We are here to answer any of your questions and ensure that you have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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What Does A General Dentist Do?

A general dentist is a dental professional who provides a range of services to maintain and restore oral health. The role of the general dentist is multifaceted, as they are responsible for diagnosing, treating, and managing a variety of conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and other structures in the mouth. A general dentist typically performs check-ups and cleanings, diagnoses and treats cavities or periodontal diseases, places fillings or crowns, extracts teeth when necessary, straightens teeth with braces or Invisalign®, takes X-rays and scans of the mouth, offers preventive counseling regarding diet, hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing regularly, discusses lifestyle choices that may affect oral health such as smoking or drinking alcohol excessively; identifies abnormalities during check-ups; makes impressions for crowns or dentures; and provides services related to tooth replacement options such as bridges or implants.

Additionally, a general dentist may provide emergency treatments if needed. For example, suppose an injury to the mouth from an accident, sports activity, or biting down hard on something like a bone. In that case, a general dentist can examine the injured area and recommend treatment plans such as composite fillings to repair broken teeth. If there is an infection in the gums due to gum disease such as periodontitis, the dentist may perform scaling techniques to remove plaque buildup below the gumline. Moreover, if a patient experiences pain due to an impacted wisdom tooth, then it can be extracted by their general dentist.

General dentists also play an essential role in overall systemic health since research has linked oral health with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, maintaining proper oral hygiene through regular visits to general dentist patients can help protect their overall health while preventing costly restorative treatments.


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