Value of dentistry and your oral health with recent events

What have you learned about the value of dentistry and your oral health with recent events?

This brings to light one area that is frequently neglected: dental care. Who would have thought that access to dental care would ever be so limited? We didn’t anticipate our state, much less our office, to be closed. Many unaware individuals don’t consider their dental health until it becomes urgent. Everyone finds it difficult to deal with an unforeseen crisis, let alone those whose oral hygiene has been lacking. Due to the closure of dentistry in our state, patients may now only get care in genuine emergencies as specified by state regulations. In my lifetime, there hasn’t been a pandemic that has resulted in state-wide closures or “stays at home” advice.

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Everyone was unprepared for this epidemic. For some, they had little to no money set up for emergencies. Some people would have needed to have other food on hand to last them for a few weeks. Medical operations postpone for some people. When was the last time that schools were closed till the conclusion of the academic year? These days are unlike any other. Others had the disease themselves or knew someone who did. Many people have lost friends or loved ones. Sad time for everyone. We had no idea that this would occur. We were not aware of it. However, it highlights the need to be more ready for those “just in case” moments.


36% of Americans say they don’t visit the dentist at least once a year. (And that figure rises to 50% when you look at people with the lowest household incomes.) Nearly one-fourth (24%) of Americans go to the dentist once a year, 31% go twice a year, and 9% go more than twice.


I can only imagine the frustration felt by individuals who are currently unable to access dental treatment. Before everything happened, I wished I could have cared for everyone’s needs. Please ensure that you are diligent at home throughout this time. You continue to clean and floss your teeth. Try to arrange for additional home care. Your choice of how you want your oral health to be included in your overall health is up to you.

Please take care of your whole health, including your mouth, so that after this is all done, we can return to our regular life. After that, all you have to do is keep it up. It is much simpler to endure hardships when your body and tongue are in good condition. We frequently use the phrase “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it” at the office. Just replace the dentist there. I wish you continued health.

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Value of dentistry and your oral health with recent events?

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