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Pediatric dentists specialize in children’s oral health, from babies to the end of their teen years. They can do everything a regular dentist can do. That includes treatment for teeth and gums, and they know what problems to look out for at different stages of childhood. 

Dr. Lubna Kadir is a specialist when it comes to pediatric dentistry. With a charming personality, she takes care of the entire oral health needs of your children. 

Common Kid’s Dental Issues

Between sugar, accidents, bad habits, and genetics, children can have a lot of dental issues. Discuss your concerns with their dentist if you suspect your kid has any of these problems. Here are a few of the most common dental problems of childhood. 

Tooth Decay, Tooth Sensitivity, Dental Erosion, Gum Disease, Bad Breath, Thumb Sucking, tooth loss, damaged teeth, and tooth cavities.

How Children’s Teeth Erupt and Fall Out (

Pediatric Dentist Near You​

Pediatric Dental Treatments in Worth, IL

Pediatric dental treatments are essential for the overall health of young children. It is important to start dental care early and maintain regular visits to ensure proper oral hygiene and prevent future complications. Dental care in children includes a variety of procedures, such as cleanings, fillings, sealants, crowns, extractions, orthodontics and more.

Cleanings are one of the most important parts of pediatric dental care because they help to remove plaque and bacteria buildup on teeth which can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other issues. During a cleaning appointment, the dentist will use specialized tools to scrape away tartar from around the teeth before brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. Cleaning appointments also give the dentist a chance to look for signs of early problems that may require treatment.

Fillings are another common procedure used in pediatric dentistry. Fillings can be used to treat cavities or other areas of decay caused by bacteria or poor oral hygiene habits. During a filling appointment, the dentist will first use special tools and instruments to remove any decay before filling in the affected area with a composite material or amalgam (metal). This helps protect the tooth against further damage and restore it back to its normal shape and function.

Sealants are also beneficial for children who have deep grooves or pits in their molars which can accumulate food debris and bacteria leading to cavities. Sealants are applied directly onto these grooves or pits where they form an invisible barrier that helps protect against bacteria buildup and decay over time.

Crowns may be recommended for children with severely damaged teeth as a way to restore strength and stability back into them. Crowns cover over broken down teeth completely so that their structure is more reinforced against further damage or decay.

Extractions may be needed if a tooth is too damaged or decayed beyond repair from treatments such as fillings or crowns. Extractions involve removing the entire tooth from its socket after numbing the area with anesthetic so that patients experience minimal discomfort during this procedure.

Orthodontic treatment is sometimes recommended for younger children as it helps promote proper jaw alignment while also ensuring that all teeth grow in correctly so they do not interfere with each other’s functioning over time. Orthodontic treatment often involves braces or retainers that help guide teeth into correct positions so they achieve optimal alignment when fully grown in place inside the mouth.

Pediatric dental treatments provide many benefits for young children including improved oral hygiene habits, prevention of future dental problems such as cavities, gum diseases & orthodontic issues as well as promoting healthy growth of permanent teeth which translates into better overall physical health throughout life ahead! Regular visits should always be scheduled by parents & guardians in order to ensure proper maintenance and care of their child’s teeth & gums are being followed up on properly by experienced professionals in this field!

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