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Welcome to Worthy Smiles, a highly reputable dentist in Chicago Ridge that the local community adores. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Lubna Kadir, strives to deliver our patients the highest quality dental care. Our primary objective is to maintain oral health and ensure comfort throughout your visit.

Worthy Smiles dental clinic offers an extensive range of services, including comprehensive full mouth reconstructions, advanced dental implant procedures, effective oral hygiene treatments, and professional teeth whitening solutions. If you are new to Chicago Ridge or seeking a new dental provider, we welcome you to visit our clinic or conveniently book an appointment online. Our warm and accommodating staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

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The Best Family Dentist in Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Worthy Smiles primarily focuses on providing outstanding dental care in Chicago Ridge. We prioritize investing in the latest dental technologies and supporting our staff in ongoing education, ensuring that our patients receive top-notch dentistry. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a confident smile.

For our patients in Chicago Ridge, this means receiving advanced dental treatments and experiencing our gentle and compassionate approach. This approach has earned us the trust and loyalty of many returning patients.

If you have recently moved or are planning to relocate to Chicago Ridge, IL, we are here to cater to your dental needs. Trust us to be your next dentist in the Chicago Ridge area!

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We're local and near you, and most importantly, we want to meet you. Please book your appointment today and leave the rest of the tedious tasks to us.

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If you're feeling anxious about dental visits, Dr. Lubna Kadir, our seasoned dentist, is here to help alleviate your concerns.

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For the residents of Chicago Ridge, our office provides a fantastic opportunity for new patients without insurance to establish their dental health.

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Worthy Smiles is A Trusted & Reputed Dentistry in Chicago Ridge

Welcome to Worthy Smiles in Chicago Ridge: Your Emergency Dental Care Partner

Discover unparalleled dental care in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, with Worthy Smiles. Dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly, causing distress and discomfort. Dr. Lubna Kadir and our team are committed to providing expert dental care precisely when needed, ensuring that your dental emergency is handled with care and expertise.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can manifest in various ways, often requiring immediate attention. Below are some of the common dental emergencies that Worthy Smiles in Chicago Ridge can assist you with:

  1. Toothaches: Unrelenting tooth pain may indicate underlying problems like tooth decay, infection, or damage. Dr. Kadir can diagnose the source of your toothache and offer timely relief.

  2. Chipped or Broken Teeth: Accidents can result in chipped or broken teeth, causing pain and anxiety. We provide solutions to restore and mend your damaged teeth, preserving your smile.

  3. Lost or Knocked-Out Teeth: Swift action is crucial if you’ve experienced a tooth being knocked out or lost due to an accident. Dr. Kadir can guide you on immediate steps before reaching our Chicago Ridge clinic, increasing the chances of saving your tooth.

  4. Dental Infections: Left untreated, dental infections can lead to severe pain and complications. We offer efficient root canal therapy to alleviate pain and rescue your tooth from extraction.

  5. Broken Dentures or Dental Appliances: When your dentures or other dental appliances break, our repair services ensure they function correctly and comfortably.

  6. Gum Injuries: Injuries to the gums can be painful and may require urgent attention. Our skilled team can assess the extent of damage and provide appropriate treatment for a speedy recovery.

  7. Orthodontic Emergencies: Problems with braces or other orthodontic appliances can cause discomfort and may necessitate immediate adjustments. We have the experience to address orthodontic emergencies, minimizing pain and ensuring the success of your treatment.

How Worthy Smiles in Chicago Ridge Can Assist You

When confronted with a dental emergency, the last thing you want is uncertainty and discomfort. At Worthy Smiles in Chicago Ridge, we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist you during these challenging times:

  1. Emergency Appointments: We understand that dental emergencies demand immediate attention. Your well-being is our priority, and we strive to provide same-day appointments to address your needs promptly.

  2. Experienced and Compassionate Care: Dr. Lubna Kadir has years of experience handling dental emergencies. Her expertise and compassionate approach ensure you receive exceptional care during your visit.

  3. State-of-the-Art Technology: We leverage advanced dental technology to accurately diagnose and treat emergencies, reducing discomfort and recovery time.

  4. Tailored Treatment Plans: Every dental emergency is unique, and we create customized treatment plans to address your specific concerns and needs. Your comfort and long-term dental health are our primary considerations.

  5. Practical Pain Management: We offer proven techniques to alleviate discomfort during and after treatment, ensuring you leave our Chicago Ridge clinic feeling more at ease.

At Worthy Smiles in Chicago Ridge, we believe that every smile is worth preserving. When faced with a dental emergency, you can trust us to be your partner in restoring your oral health and confidence. Contact us immediately, and let Dr. Lubna Kadir and our dedicated team care for you during your time of need. Your smile is our top priority, and we’re here to ensure it remains worthy of your confidence in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

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Welcome To Worthy Smiles, Your Chicago Ridge Family Dentistry!

At Worthy Smiles, we are committed to providing top-notch dental care while ensuring our patients' comfort and satisfaction.

We understand the high demand for dentists in Chicago Ridge and know many patients feel anxious when visiting the dentist. To help ease your worries, our primary focus is your comfort, and we aim to create a relaxed environment during each visit. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

Our dental office in Chicago Ridge is committed to addressing your dental concerns and providing a safe space to discuss your overall health openly. We genuinely care about your well-being and will support you in understanding and maintaining your oral health.

If you have any questions about how we can care for your teeth and mouth, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (708) 448-6760 or visit our dental clinic in Chicago Ridge, IL.

Dr. Lubna Kadir, DDS

Book Your Dental Appointment in Chicago Ridge, IL

We recognize that visiting a new dental office can be overwhelming. At our practice, Dr. Kadir and her team are committed to ensuring your visit is comfortable and stress-free. Our goal is to provide excellent service in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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A Message For The New Patients in Chicago Ridge, IL

At our dental office in Chicago Ridge, IL, we understand that going to a new dentist can be overwhelming. However, Dr. Kadir and her team prioritize your comfort to ensure a positive experience. Our main objective is to deliver exceptional service in a welcoming and friendly environment. Dr. Lubna Kadir is committed to caring for her patients and addressing their dental needs.

Whether you require a routine cleaning or haven’t visited a dentist in a while, we are here to assist you. We highly value our patients and aim to develop long-term relationships with them.

During your initial visit, Dr. Kadir will thoroughly review exam results and X-rays with you. Based on this evaluation, she will propose a personalized treatment plan catering to your needs. You will have ample opportunity to discuss different treatment options and select the one that makes you most comfortable.

Dr. Kadir consistently prioritizes the well-being of her patients, always striving to do what is best for them.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation appointment if you’re seeking a second opinion. Please bring or email us your most recent dental X-rays.

We genuinely appreciate your decision to choose Worthy Smiles as your trusted dental office in Chicago Ridge, IL.

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Happy Stories

What Our Patients Are Saying about our dental clinic in Worth, Illinois.

I've been coming here for about a decade and absolutely love it. Everyone here is so nice and easy going. I barely feel anything during my normal cleaning appointments. They also offer very fairly priced whitening treatments that I got great results from. Don't think twice about coming here, this place is amazing.
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Caroline Nutley
I recommend Worthy Smiles! The office is conveniently located on Harlem Ave right next to the post office. The staff was great. Very friendly and welcoming. Dr Kadir takes great care of my teeth and is mindful of how dental procedures can interact with other health challenges.
Palos heights dentist oak lawn dentist Chicago ridge dentist google reviews
Dan Sharp
The very best Dentist I've ever had. 💯 %. A real Professional - As a patient you get a Dentist, Psychiatrist, Therapist all in one. 😃 Nobody was more fearful of going to the Dentist than I was. Not no more. I am in good hands with this Doctor. And you will be too. The whole crew are commendable. Doctor, Dental Assistant and Front desk.
Palos heights dentist oak lawn dentist Chicago ridge dentist google reviews
Peter Mandes
Not only have I been a happy and totally satisfied client of Worthy Smiles for many years but so has my wife and more recently so is my 97 year old “difficult to satisfy” mother. Dr. Kadir is not only an experienced and knowledgeable dentist but her patience and understanding make her outstanding. Her staff is as genuine and personable as Dr. Kadir. I know this is a “mouthful” to read but it’s Worth it for a big bright Smile. Don’t hesitate, make an appointment.
Palos heights dentist oak lawn dentist Chicago ridge dentist google reviews
Caroline Nutley
We have been going to Worthy Smiles for a few years now. Dr. Kadir is fantastic. Why? She’s thorough, patient, soft-spoken, kind and provides excellent care. I trust her with my family’s dental needs. She has personally answered my calls after hours as well as promptly addressed dental emergencies as needed. The customer service by the staff equals the quality of dental care with timely reminders and down to earth explanations so a guy like me can understand dental stuff. Highly recommended!
Palos heights dentist oak lawn dentist Chicago ridge dentist google reviews
Dan Sharp

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